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Rain and Po were fantastic in terms of helping us meet our needs. Great service delivery and very friendly people! I'll recommend them to my peers and will look for them again in the future.
Aloysius Chow
A friend recommended Einstein Tuition to me. Got a tutor from there. She's been teaching my son for 2 year now, from his primary school to secondary school. She can grab my son's attention and teach him through a fun way. Everytime she come to teach my son, they are always having fun. I really think studying in a happy mood makes my son learn better.
Jenny Low
Eng Wai helped my son Sakib in Mathematics from 53 to 78! Highly recommend Eng Wai.
Sakib Hassim
I've been teaching kids for about 6 years now. Mostly primary school students. I use Einstein Tuition after a friend recommended to me, to be honest, i like it immediately. I gotten a student in just a few hours!  Highly recommend.
Pearlyn Ng
Justin been teaching me for almost 1 and a half years now and I'm very glad to have him as my teacher. I learnt so much more and he is always very patient towards me. My math improve from fail to A, science from just pass to B. Thanks Justin!
Delwyn Lian
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Fear of paying too much for home tuition in Singapore? Let us know how much you’re comfortable paying and we will find someone within your budget. Of course, we do not compromise the quality of education your child receive.

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We have a database of several Singapore home tutors ranging from full time tutors, ex schoolteachers, current schoolteachers, A/Diploma holders, Undergraduates as well as part time tutors.

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Besides being efficient in providing you with the perfect tutors, we strongly believe that relationship between your child and the tutor have a significant impact on learning. Experts in the fields they teach, our tutors are patient, warm, and approachable. We only provide the BEST to you.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education.”

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We know that you may have bad experiences online. Believe us, we were born to meet your reasonable expectation. We are devoted to build your trust in us. Come on, give it a try. Click the little green button, it’s free.

Benefits of Singapore Home Tuition

Some parents consider the idea of home tuition in Singapore an extra expense. If that is the case, why are many people embracing it? The answer to this question is very simple. To top the class, you must use every resource within your reach. Without saying much, let us look at the benefits of home tuition.

1) Personal Tuition

Home tuition Singapore offers student with personalized attention that they cannot find at school. Working with a Singapore home tutor gives the parent as well as the learner the assurance that the tutor’s focus is mainly on the difficult areas. Tuition helps a learner to understand what he or she is learning thus making them relaxed and confident.

2) Increased Self-confidence

Most students keep battling with education thus battling their self-esteem. Underperforming learners feel inadequate when compared to their friends. A good number of students fear asking teachers questions because they feel others will laugh at them. Home tuition makes a student more confident because they will use such opportunities to ask questions without any fear.

3) Positive Learning Environment 

Most teachers find their job very stressing because of teaching several subjects. How do you expect a learner to understand when the teacher looks bored with his or her duty? The good thing about home tutoring is that most of the professionals are very passionate about the subject areas of specialization. A tutor can open up the learners mind in a superior manner when compared to regular schooling. An excited tutor has a great impact than a teacher who wants to complete his or her lessons as early as possible.

4) Allows You to Become a Master of your Own Learning Techniques 

One of the greatest advantages of home tutors in Singapore is that they are educated, experienced and enthusiastic about their subject areas. Your tutor can teach you how to manage your time properly for better performance. In addition, he or she will teach you how to answer questions as expected. Most learners fail exams because of poor skills in answering exam questions. A tutor will help you to fine-tune some of the difficult areas.

5) Tutor Match

In the process of choosing a tutor, both the parent and student have a chance to pick someone who matches with their needs, this is not the case with schools. Most students do not perform well because of the personality of their subject teachers. By choosing a Singapore home tutor that matches with the learner’s requirements, there is a high possibility of realizing better results as opposed to struggling with a moody teacher.

6) Improved Test as Well as Exam Scores 

A tutor enables students to achieve more in the shortest time possible. Students with home tutors in Singapore understand how to prepare for tests and exam in a better way than their peers do. These professionals help students to identify their weak areas so that they can correct for better results.

7) Qualities of a Good Home Tutor

Although we do our best to bring some of the best home tutors in Singapore, it is wise for you to know some of the qualities of a good home tutor so that you do not end with someone who will not help your kid improve in school. Some of the qualities that define a good tutor include the following.

8) Patience 

Any tutor will tell that patience is among the most important qualities that they keep practicing daily. Being patient is very important in home tuition because students learn at different rates. What one student will comprehend within an hour might take another one months. A good tutor will not leave his or her duty when they encounter a stubborn student.

9) Skill

Teaching and tutoring requires a high level of skills if at you want to improve the grades of a learner. If anyone wants to make money in tutoring learners, they must have adequate knowledge in the same areas. Do not choose a tutor who seems to know little in specific subject to help you teach your kid over the weekend or any other time. In simple words, the best tutor must know what she or he wants to specialize in tutoring.

10) Accountable

A tutor should be responsible as well as answerable towards your child’s performance. Any time your child does not show improvement, the tutor should be in a good position to explain the situation so that you can take the necessary action.

11) Accommodating 

me learners have a busy schedule. A good tutor has to accommodate such students in timings and days so that they do not miss lessons.

12) Persistence 

Sometimes students do not want to learn when you have to teach them. A tutor should never give up on a learner no matter the challenges he or she encounters. Persistence simply involves getting pushy even when things seem hard on your part as a tutor.

13) Maturity 

It is not easy to trust tutor with a low sense of maturity. Tutors who tell rude jokes, laughs inappropriately or looks impolite might not help your child however skilled they are. Maturity is all about how you act when tutoring students.

14) Capability to Put Others at Ease

Any tutor who makes a student uncomfortable will not benefit them in any way. A good tutor should put a learner at ease and make them feel comfortable before her or she starts tutoring. You do not have to act like a PhD holder to make a student get a concept in history, English, science or any other subject.

15) Ability to Tutor 

Having skills and teaching are two different things. We have knowledgeable people who cannot share skills with learners properly. Furthermore, not everyone who wants to make money has the ability to bring change in the life of your kid. Tutoring mainly involves one’s ability to share their skills with students in a way that they can understand. A learner has to understand what the tutor is teaching in order to improve. For instance, a tutor who uses complex words when teaching a grade two student will only go with your hard-earned cash without benefitting your child in any way.

16) Common Sense

Common sense is essential in home tutoring. While teaching students from all lifestyles, at tutor needs to apply common sense when dealing with challenging situations that arise along the way. A home tutor who acts foolishly because of the actions of your child is not likely to make any difference.

17) Morality

It is common to come across sticky situations during the process of tutoring. A moral tutor will not have a problem dealing with such issues. In case a tutor is teaching underage students, he or she has to show a high sense of morality. This implies that he or she has to tutor with an open door or in the presence of other people. Acts such as touching students every now and then will compromise with the entire process of learning. In addition, a tutor should never hug, kiss or wink at students because some of them might get you wrongly while some tutors can use it to instil bad habits among learners.

18) Good Hygiene

A tutor is a role model. Hygiene is a very important aspect in learning. A tutor with a smelly mouth, dirty clothes or unkempt hair should not take care of your child. Children learn from the people around them. Such tutors should not have the opportunity to teach your child even for a single day.

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