[Ultimate Resource] Everything you need to pass Chinese Exams in Singapore

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The ultimate resource to score well in Chinese Exams

Plenty of Singaporean students struggle with their Chinese Mother Tongue in school. Are you one of the thousands of parents who are worried for your child? Are you looking for additional help other than hiring a Chinese home tutor?

If you’ve tried searching online for the best tips to help your child pass their Chinese exams, you’ll know that no single article or guide can claim to help every student score well in their Chinese PSLE, O’Levels or A’Level exams.

We scoured the net for all the helpful links that would help you do better for Chinese language in School. This resource guide include links to:

  • Improving general mandarin skills
  • preparing for chinese exams
  • places to get past year chinese papers
  • tips for tackling exam questions
  • useful videos, apps, and websites

If you have any useful links/resources to share, feel free to email us for inclusion.

how to pass chinese exams

How to improve your general Mandarin skills

Before you behin studying for any exams, start by having a strong foundation for speaking in Mandarin. For one, you should immerse yourself in Chinese culture and entertainment.

The following articles are great for anyone who wants to improve their day-to-day mandarin speaking or Chinese language skills.

Read Einstein Tuition‘s own article about the

The Speak Mandarin Campaign website has some useful resources for learning/speaking mandarin. They also have a calendar for mandarin related events which are great for the whole family to get immersed in Chinese.

If you are are already confident in your child’s basic mandarin capabilities, it’s time to move on to how they can prepare for the exams.

How to study and prepare for Chinese Exams

What if exams are approaching, and you need tips and strategies to pass the exam? Being well prepared in the things being tested and knowing the exam format well is obvious.

We rounded up some of the best guides, no matter if you are studying for PSLE, O-level or A-levels.

These tips are generally for the preparation before the actual exams, and not how to tackle the exams itself.

This Adam Khoo Learning Center article has some pretty easy-to-follow-tips on how to study for a Chinese Exam.

There are some good answers on this Quora thread, where regular users share how they aced their Express/Higher Chinese in Singapore. If you look at the related questions in that thread, you’ll get other answers too.

Here are some tips from former students who shared how they prepared for the exams. It’s a nice perspective from someone who went through it. Studying of chinese: Guide and Technique

Is your child struggling to do well during their PSLE listening comprehension? Theasianparent has some great tips for just that.

For PSLE Chinese Oral Exam, ConnectedLearning.sg has written a very good guide on how to prepare for the test. It covers the new exam formats and how a parent can help their child prepare for the exam.

Want some last minute tips for PSLE Chinese? This article on Kiasuparents shares some quick and simple tactics for some last minute buddha leg hugging.

Usually the best way to prepare for the exams is to make sure your child is comfortable with the questions and formats. Practicing past year papers is therefore highly recommended.

Past Year Chinese Exam Papers

Schools will often provide past year chinese exam papers for their students to practice on. Past year papers give students the confidence to tackle questions they’ve seen before, and it improves the speed in which they handle questions. Knowing what questions might come out is winning half the battle!

If you think your child requires more practice, here are a few websites that provide papers (and some comprehension worksheets) from past years and some top schools.

Some options to download some free Chinese exam papers

Some paid secondary school past year papers come with answers. For example:

They also have some paid exam papers for secondary school higher Chinese

How to tackle Chinese Exam questions

Once the student has sufficiently prepared for exams, it’s time to learn some techniques to tackle the actual exam papers and questions from the Chinese test papers. These are slightly more specific and advanced techniques that should help with different parts of the exam.

The following resources will help you child do well in Chinese paper 2, comprehension and compositions:

Blogger Yi Tsing shared how she managed to improve her O-level chinese scores within a relatively short time. It’s another first hand experience of how one can tackle different sections of the exam paper.

If your child has trouble with PSLE Chinese reading comprehension tests, we found a useful article that has some tips to do better at it.

Here are some useful idioms for use in Chinese compositions. Titled “20 actually useful Cheng Yu”, this article really does recommend some of the most versatile and common cheng yus to use. These will definitely add more flair to your compo.

20 idioms not enough for you? Here’s more good phrases to try:

What if you want more than just idioms to use in your composition writing. What if there is an archive of articles and good motivational phrases that you can use in your writing to make it look expertly written? Additionally, this unique archive helps you when when your composition requires you to know the ‘moral’ of the story.

Helpful Videos

If you think visual learning is better, here are some videos to help with improving your Chinese tests.

Chinese Comprehension Secret Answering Techniques

This video has some informative Chinese oral exam tips and guides.

If you or your child is just beginning to learn the language, this Youtube channel has good lessons to teach the basics.

Did you know Diana Ser has a Youtube channel? Hers is mainly focused on her and her young children learning Mandarin through everyday activities.

Helpful Apps and Extensions

In addition to the tips, guides, exercises for studying for exams, you should also pay attention to different apps which can supplement the learning process. Dictionaries for one, are helpful in class and when doing homework.

Here’s a great list of apps compiled by MissPanda that are geared towards younger learners.

If you are familiar with the book “PSLE Chinese Oral Exam Guide”, you might be pleased to know that the company also released apps that complement the printed guidebooks.

Pleco is one of the more popular and well reviewed dictionaries online. The have verions for Android and iOS.

Hanping Chinese Dictionary Lite is an alternative app for Android. It has very good reviews, and even a paid version that offers more functions.

If you visit a lot of chinese websites, browser extensions like Perapera helps greatly. Just mouse over a word or character and it shows the pronounciation and definition.

Other Useful Links

These are other links to websites that do not belong in the above categories. If you know of any links that are helpful for learning mandarin or to help students do well in their exams, please share with us!

http://www.dianaser.com/ : This site is filled with articles and videos which encourages parents to teach their children the Chinese language through daily activities.

You can also request a tutor if you or your child requires even more help to excel in Chinese studies.  

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