For Students

What It Means To Have An Open Mind

The US presidential election, which has been ongoing for several months now, got me thinking about Liberals and Conservatives. Leaving politics aside, let’s consider the differences among liberal mindsets, conservative mindsets, and open-mindedness in this week’s article.  Have you ever heard of an open-minded conservative? Probably not. When we think about the values that Conservatives… Read More

3 Secrets Every Genius Knows

“The most important thing is passion and commitment to psychology because that’s what keeps me going even when all the stress starts to build up. Following that would be the time management and organisation side of things. So that means keeping on top of things, not leaving things to the last minute and “trying” to… Read More

5 Ways To Stay Awake In Class

She’s wide awake. Are you? Imagine: It is a regular sunny Singapore day. After gobbling down that bowl of mee soto, all that yellow mee, tao gay and shredded meat warm and settled in your tummy, followed by a teh ping to wash down all that MSG, you proceed to carry the weight of your… Read More

3 Popcorns For Uninterested Students

“What has the shape of a plant cell got to do with my life?” “Do I need to apply Pythagoras’ theorem when crossing the road?” “Who cares what the blue sky symbolises?” “Why do I have to crack my brain over useless, irrelevant topics in school?!” Ever have these thoughts run through your head? Good news:… Read More

8 Ways To Improve Your Chinese!

In Singapore, enrolling your children for Chinese tuition is probably the best known way to improve their  command of the language. However, there are various alternatives which I would like to share with you today. Did you know that the Chinese speaking population on earth amounts to a huge 1.39 billion? With China’s economy expanding at a… Read More