New Changes, New Improvements.

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Change. Improve. Grow.

I’m excited to announce some new and interesting features we have implemented into the system. We love to talk to our tutors and our clients. Many of our tutors have given use some really useful feedbacks to improve.

Our platform was used to be only one-way. Where our coordinators will contact suitable tutors for tuitions. Of course, that wasn’t the best way to do things and we received many feedbacks from our tutors.

tuition-assignment-2  tuition-assignment-14 tuition-assignment-13 tuition-assignment-12 tuition-assignment-11 tuition-assignment-9 tuition-assignment-7 tuition-assignment-5 tuition-assignment-10

These are just some screenshots I managed to find, there are a lot more if I spent more time finding them.

We value each and everyone’s feedbacks. So naturally the next thing to do, is to act upon it. We develop a new page to allow our tutors to apply for available tuition assignments! Now it is a two-way approach, tutors are happier and we are too!


(I really love the new design!) You can now view the location, level, subjects, frequency and even the rates! You can follow these simple steps to apply:


  • Once you registered yourself as a tutor, or you have an account you will be brought to this page. Enter your email and password.


  • When you’re logged in, you will see the full list of assignments and more details on the tuition assignments.


  • When you’re selected, our co-ordinators will get in touch with you! Simple as that! You can also monitor the status of the tuition under “History” tab on the left hand side.

You can email us at or call +65 62620886 face any problems, issues, questions, or even just wanna say hi!

I want to thank everyone for your support. Without you, this will not be possible!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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