Tuition Rates and Price Guide

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Hourly Rates Lower Primary Upper Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary A Level / Diploma
A Level / Diploma $20 – $30 $25 – $35 $30 – $35 $30 – $40
Undergraduate $25 – $35 $30 – $40 $35 – $40 $35 – $45 $35 – $70
Full Time $30 – $40 $30 – $50 $35 – $50 $40 – $60 $45 – $70
MOE Tutors $40 – $60 $50 – $65 $55 – $70 $60 – $84 $60 – $120

Why Us?

Are you searching a way for your child to be at the forefront in academic excellence or has your kid being dropping in his school grades? In this day and age, when the battle for education is so tough, your children need the best curriculum with affordable home tuition rates. This is why we are giving out the most affordable private tuition prices with the most excellent private trainers and training services. The education that your child gets from school could not be enough. There are children who understand straight away in the classroom whereas there are those who will need a guider by their side to complement what they have learnt. Once you realize that your kid needs special attention, you are advice to search for personal trainer. The teachers train on subjects like English, Math and the Sciences. As parents, you are given the alternative to directly converse and select the instructor of your desire and appoint him straight away.

Einstein Tuition is found on pure intellectual values, moral codes and practice. We highly observe competence as it is what leads our students succeeding in their studies. The services are accessible from any place, degree and topics. Our teachers are well reputed in Singapore which makes our services to be in much demand. They are competent, talented and highly skilled in their themes. The private tutor rates are sensible in that parents will only disburse after you have been fully contented with the trainer that you have opted for. So if you feel that the trainer who has been allocated to you is not fulfilling your desires, you can request for another one. Our agency will be responsible to pay the trainers’ remuneration so we have eliminated the burden of dealing with the teachers directly when it comes to matters of payment.

Our efforts will shine through your child’s excellence by a reasonably priced private tuition rates. Not only do we focus on the books, but our trainers will coach your child on how to apply the classroom principles in life. This is through inspiring and motivation. Our trainers understand the importance of building a healthful relationship with both the parents and the students. This is crucial for the maintenance and attainment of the children’s merit and also to improve the population of the scholars. Cases to do with rudeness, miscommunication is highly condemned by our team.

Reasonable Pricing

Our tuition rates in Singapore are rationally priced. This is because we base charges on the various circumstances and needs that surround a specific scholar. That is why you will find that one child will pay a different rate from another and yet it is the same subject. Trainer’s experience carries some weight. The more experienced the trainer is the higher the private tutor rates.

The number of topics to be taught to the student is of significance to the pricing. Sometimes the current market conditions can influence the pricing. During the season when demand for teachers is higher, the home tuition rates will be higher than normal. This happens particularly when the students are adequately revising for their end of year and semester exams. The individual subject matters also have a bearing. You will find that some subjects like Biology and Chemistry will attract high rates compared to English and History.

We value the parents concern regarding the private tutor fees. So if you have a stretched budget, feel free to contact us. Give us your details, concerns and coaching requirements. We will evaluate your details and give you a suitable recommendation. There are instructors who can accept low home tuition rates on the condition that the distance between the child’s homestead and the instructor’s home is minimal. This is made possible through the elimination of transport charges to and fro. There are also other incidences that our instructors will accept low rates such as if the child is a fast learner and whether the home conditions that the scholar is being trained on are conducive.

Quality Comes with a Price Tag

If you would like to connect with any of our tutors, you can fill out the tutor form which bears no charges at all. Our work is to match the parent’s tuition necessities with the appropriate teacher. Once we get a fitting tutor we shall inform you. As a parent you have a right to decline a tutor whom you do not prefer. Our team is devoted to giving tuition services at the same time easing the monetary load associated with home tuition rates to both the guardians and scholars. Sometimes we offer charitable training services.

To ensure that our authentication of our tutors is real, parents have every rights to demand from the teachers their original certificates in the course of the first session for attestation purposes. This is guaranteed that the tuition rates you have paid do match with the requirements that you had requested for. Our agency is well familiar with the presence of duplicate or false certificates. We believe in ethics as it is one of our core principles in attainment of our visionary goals. We therefore scrutinise every document thoroughly during authentication to ensure they are genuine.

We appreciate that different children differ in their attributes. That is why we have a high regard for diversity of our scholars. We thus take into consideration features like characteristics of a child, those that require extraordinary concentration, the time when they are free to be coached and many more. To make sure that your home tuition rate is fair we also make sure the educational tools are accessible. We recommend communicating with us if you are searching for specialised teachers in their disciplines.

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