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We'll find you a Chinese home tutor in 3 quick steps.

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Third, if you are happy with the tutor after the first lesson, you’ll only need to pay the tutor. If you are not satisfied, we can make a switch for you for free!

Why Choose us?

We have an extensive selection program, where only highly qualified and experienced tutors are allowed to join our team. On top of that, we are the only home tuition agency in Singapore that upgrades our tutors’ ability to teach. Our tutors don’t only know their subject, they are also better equipped to TEACH.

We offer one of the the most personalized Student-Tutor matching, and we are proud of our success rates. Just look at our Testimonials to see many examples of happy parents and students.


A friend recommended Einstein Tuition to me. Got a tutor from there. She's been teaching my son for 2 year now, from his primary school to secondary school. She can grab my son's attention and teach him through a fun way. Everytime she come to teach my son, they are always having fun. I really think studying in a happy mood makes my son learn better.
Jenny Low
Justin been teaching me for almost 1 and a half years now and I'm very glad to have him as my teacher. I learnt so much more and he is always very patient towards me. My math improve from fail to A, science from just pass to B. Thanks Justin!
Delwyn Lian
I've been teaching kids for about 6 years now. Mostly primary school students. I use Einstein Tuition after a friend recommended to me, to be honest, i like it immediately. I gotten a student in just a few hours!  Highly recommend.
Pearlyn Ng

Price Guide

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Hourly Rates Lower Primary Upper Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary A Level / Diploma
A Level / Diploma $20 – $30 $25 – $35 $30 – $35 $30 – $40
Undergraduate $25 – $35 $30 – $40 $35 – $40 $35 – $45 $35 – $70
Full Time $30 – $40 $30 – $50 $35 – $50 $40 – $60 $45 – $70
MOE Tutors $40 – $60 $50 – $65 $55 – $70 $60 – $84 $60 – $120

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Is there really a need for Chinese tuition?

Why you should consider Chinese Lessons

Chinese is a subject many students struggle with; most students who are weak in Chinese usually just aim for a pass in their Chinese exams. However, Chinese is as an important subject like Mathematics or Science in the context of Singapore’s education system. Scoring high grades in your mother tongue paper definitely help improve your overall grades and percentages.

With that being said, many students find it difficult to improve their Chinese grades despite hard work hence Chinese tuition is definitely a viable option for them.

Many Singapore students who are weak in Chinese come from English speaking home hence they do not have much exposure to Chinese language. The lack of speaking and reading Chinese causes limited vocabulary, poor reading and understanding skills of Chinese. Chinese tuition, encourages students to speak and read Chinese during the lesson and the additional homework that might be given also gives the students additional opportunity to read up on Chinese material at home.

Learning Chinese could ideally be an extra qualification for getting better employment prospect.

In the near future, China is going to become one of the most sizable and developed economy. It will surely develop more and more business opportunities too.  If you are comfortable with the Chinese language, you will be in a better position to explore advanced and more career and business opportunities.

Even if you are not into the industry of business, learning Chinese can add value to your knowledge and you can select so many opportunities other than business due to its popularity.

Qualities of a Good Chinese Tutor

Right Qualifications

We all know teaching a certain language or anything is not that easy. It’s not only your qualification that can make you a good teacher. Even a less qualified teacher can teach better than a person with more qualification.

But still, you cannot avoid the importance of qualification when selecting a Chinese teacher. A less qualified teacher may not give that in-depth insight that a qualified teacher would to their students. So make sure you check that the teacher must have the required academic background. A Chinese tuition teacher must have at least a university degree and other related credentials in teaching Chinese.

Apart from these professional skills; a Chinese teachers should have the following qualities:
• Passionate about his / her profession and eager to make students learn the Chinese tution
• Possesses a comprehensive plan / goal for teaching
• Helps students to set and reach their goals
• Takes different students into the consideration when planning lessons, and want everyone to be actively involved in the course

Understanding of Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The teacher should also have a good knowledge of the MOE syllabus for Chinese and the exact format of Chinese exam. As MOE syllabus keeps changing, having an updated knowledge of format and exam is yet another quality that a Chinese teacher should have. This will help them prepare their students the best way for the coming exams.

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